Free time tracking app

With GPS clock in & out



Payroll Managers


Always know your labor costs.

  • Always know which of your jobs are profitable by tracking time for each project.
  • Break projects into sub-projects so you can identify where you’re going over budget.

Eliminate timecard data entry

  • Timecards automatically gathered as employees clock in and out from the field.
  • Easily fix time card errors before cutting checks so you have accurate payroll and happy employees.
  • Export payroll for your accounting software.

Easily manage your crew

  • See your employees GPS location when they clock in/out & which project they’re working on.
  • No more chasing down timecards. Time entries are automatically stored online.
  • Supervisors can clock their crew members in and out.

Track time on the job

  • Employees can clock in and out of your projects from the mobile app.
  • Timecards are automatically stored online.
  • At end of each pay period, employees can approve their timecards by signing right on their phones.

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